I believe that everybody is very special and unique,
able to create things that nobody else can.
We also have unique and original appearances
and this is where I find an opportunity to explore
my artistic abilities and fascinations.
Through the eye of the camera I am looking
for a beauty and an individuality of my models.

 When I was a little girl I was always drawing.
I was also doing thousands of different things,
but it was drawing that brought me to photography.
I am very meticulous about the things I do,
and drawing was taking too much time
to capture all those faces around me.
Photography was the answer.
That is how I became a photographer.
I still draw, but with pixels now.
Digital retouching and design
gives me new opportunities and possibilities
to create images.
I am also fascinated with face makeup.
I provide photography, retouching and makeup
services to my customers.


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